Our primary goal is to make an economic repair to your equipment. We stock most repair parts on our trucks. We can quickly acquire any specialty parts that are not normally stocked on the trucks. We repair all residential brands and models of heat pumps, gas furnaces, oil furnaces and air conditioning systems. Our warranty: One year parts and labor for parts we provide.

Parts Warranties:

Part of our repair procedure is to establish whether your equipment has a manufacturers parts warranty. Yes Yes can acquire any manufacturer’s parts that are under warranty, no matter the brand of your equipment. We never want to charge you for a part that can be provided for free under your manufacturers warranty.


We charge $70 a pound for R22 or 410A Freon.

You only need Freon if your unit has a leak. We can economically locate the leak and offer a repair solution.

Don’t believe the hype about R22 freon, it will be around for a while and parts for those units are still available!