Self Help

(All units) Is air blowing out of the vents?

If not, clean or change filter(s). Many filters list that they are good “up to 90 days”. We recommend that air filters be checked or changed every 30 days!

(All units) My outdoor unit isn’t running

Have the circuit breakers tripped in your electric panel? When breakers trip they usually don’t flip all the way off. They move only half way. To reset them turn all the way off and then back on.

(All units) Cost of freon

We charge $70 a pound for R22 or 410A Freon.

You only need Freon if your unit has a leak. We can economically locate the leak and offer a repair solution.

Don’t believe the hype about R22 freon, it will be around for a while and parts for those units are still available!

(All units) There is water on the floor near my indoor unit

This can be an electrical shock hazard. Turn unit off at the thermostat and call for service.

(Heat pump) There is heavy ice on the TOP of my outdoor unit

Turn off unit at the thermostat and tap lightly to remove ice caused by freezing rain or snow.

(Heat pump) There is heavy ice on the SIDES of my outdoor unit

This may indicate a defrost control problem, call for service.

(Heat pump) The Auxiliary Heat indicator stays on too much
  • If it is exceptionally cold (20°F or below outside) and windy the heat pump may require the auxiliary heat to come on to assist in heating.
  • If it is NOT exceptionally cold outside and the auxiliary heat seems to be on a lot, there may be a problem with the heat pump. Call for service.

It is normal for the Auxiliary Heat to come on periodically while the heat pump is defrosting.

(Heat pump) Steam is rising up out of my outdoor unit

This is the heat pump defrost cycle and is normal operation.

(A/C heat pump) Is there ice on the indoor unit or water leaking from indoor unit?

Turn system off at the thermostat and call for service.

(Gas & oil furnaces) For your safety please make sure you have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector

For your safety please make sure you have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector if you have a Gas or Oil furnace.

(Gas furnace) I smell gas

 Leave all light switches and electronic devices in current position. Have all occupants leave house immediately then call gas company or fire department from a phone outside the house.

For your safety please make sure you have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector.

(Gas & oil furnaces) My furnace isn’t running at all

Check to make sure the power switch near the furnace has not been turned off by accident. It looks like a light switch and may be located on or near the furnace.

Double check the front furnace panels to make sure they are correctly secured.

(Gas furnace) Do you have Propane or Natural Gas?

Propane – check to see if there is gas in tank.

(Gas furnace) Furnace pilot light

Most modern furnaces (1990 and beyond) DO NOT have a pilot light. Most have automatic ignition. Therefore, the homeowner has no pilot that can be lit. Call for service.

(Gas furnace) Fault codes

The front lower panel of the furnace may have a quarter sized window where a fault code (usually a blinking red light) may be viewed. Generally the light will flash a certain amount of blinks and pause. Knowing that code may be helpful for quick diagnosis by service technician. Call for service.

(Oil furnace) Is there oil in the tank?

Confirm that there is oil in the tank.

(Oil furnace) Red reset button

DO NOT push the red reset button unless you have consulted a qualified service technician. Pushing this button could result in a dangerous condition. Call for service.

(A/C with a gas or oil furnace) The coil over my furnace is frozen

Turn system off at the thermostat and call for service.